Quality talent is essential to a company's success. 

Robinovitz Consulting is a full service recruitment agency specialized in finding and placing talent for the accounting, finance, and technology industries. At Robinovitz Consulting, we understand that finding the right employee for the right employer goes far beyond staffing. Engaged employees enhance company culture, contribute innovative ideas, and increase company performance and operations. By working collaboratively with our clients to understand their fundamental business needs and company culture, we match our clients with employees whose experience and core values are aligned with their business goals and aspirations.

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We actively work with our clients to fully understand their workplace culture and the professional skills needed for success in each respective position. At Robinovitz Consulting we believe that the best candidates cannot be found by simply putting up a job description online. Instead, we use our deep knowledge of the accounting,finance, and technology industries to actively find the most qualified candidates for each position through proven recruitment strategies and methods. 
It is crucial to remember that the interview process is a two-way road, and mastering the art of the interview takes skill and expertise. We work with employers as well as candidates to enhance their interview skills. Employers learn essential questions and tactics to make sure they get a true feel for each candidate, and candidates learn how to finesse their professional presentation. 
Resumes are the blueprints through which employers first evaluate a potential candidate. Knowing how to review resumes to decipher candidate skills and how they can be applied to a respective position is vital to successfully move through the recruitment process. At Robinovitz Consulting, we work with our clients to make sure they have a clear understanding of resume attributes that will lend to success in each position we recruit for.    

Meet Michelle

Michelle Robinovitz has over twenty years of specialized accounting, finance, and technology industry experience matching companies with exceptional candidates ranging from professional staff to C-suite executives.

Michelle’s deep knowledge and understanding of her clients’ business needs, recruitment strategy, and relationship building allows her to work with clients to identify and target ideal candidates for each respective position. Known for her innate ability to match employers with employees who seamlessly integrate into the companies’ workplace culture, Michelle has established herself as an industry leader within her professional network.

Prior to launching Robinovitz Consulting, Michelle owned the internal recruitment implementation, strategy and execution for a leading Atlanta CPA firm. In her role, Michelle focused on recruitment of all professional staff ranging from entry level employees to C-suite executives, managed the entire interview process including coaching staff on best practices, and even provided candidate placement services to clients.
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